Choosing between an ex and someone new?

So long story in a nutshell, I dated a guy for about a year. We fought quite a bit, but I was crazy for him. We ended up breaking up for 2 months, and then I met someone new. We're dating now, and I really like him. BUT, part of me still loves my ex. My ex has been trying extremely hard to get me to take him back. I am torn right down the middle. Half of me wants to take him back, the other half doesn't. So, how do I know how to choose? Do I choose the new relationship, or do I break up with my boyfriend and go back to my ex?

I decided that since I was fighting so much with my ex, that I would take a chance on the new guy! :) I don't regret it. My dad loves him, and the relationship is wonderful :) Thank you so much for the help!


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  • i will deffiently say go with the one you know the best. and the one that treats you the best and does more nice things for you, how is this new guy treating you? but the old guy, maybe he learned his lesson from your 2 months of being broke up. and why were you crazy about him? these are things you have to consider. I don't know you or the guys so its hard for me to say, so just pick the one who makes YOU feel like a million bucks, whick ever one wants to do everything he can to make your life better and more enjoyable


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  • i'm having the same problem as urs..but mine quite hard...

  • If you said you fight a lot with your ex, why stay? Anyway, that's just me. You have to listen to your heart and mind. What does it tell you?

    After you have decided. Let say you decided to go back to your ex. Consider these:

    1. Has he changed his behavior so you two can compromise if the fight comes up

    2. Has he proven to you that he changed? Treat you nicely etc?

    3. Can you see future with him?

    4. Is he worth to be with?

    Then, set boundaries.

    If you decide to be with the new guy:

    Don't look back or try to be in contact with you ex because I know you will be in dilemma again.

    Whatever decision you made, stick to it and never look back. Make sure you choose the one who can treat you right.

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