SO WHATS his problem? any ideas?

talking to this guy is difficult because he barely talks therefore we get quiet awkward conversations. The pressure falls on me to come up with things to say and when i can't then it becomes very energy draining. When i run out of things to say he starts playing with his phone. the interactions he has with other girls and boys are a lot better, where he seems participating a lot and laughing.

he also avoids me like skipping buses/trains when I get on them. there are the rare moments when he comes to sit with me on the bus on his, smiles at me - im starting to think he's just trying to be nice

here are 2 examples of interactions with him

- a couple days ago he met me right after the winter holidays. we talked with our usual quiet moments but he seemed happy and was smiling and engaged but still didn't say much

a couple days later in met him in the morning again on the bus he sat with me. i did try to come up with things to talk about and couldnt so another awkward conversationn. when. when going home the same day - he was on my bus but i didn't know till i came off. as we stood on the platform waiting for the train i saw him coming up with his friend. i acted like i didn't see them and looked the other way. anyways as we approached our final stop i saw him come out a stop before - he does that when im wiht him im starting to think it means he doesn't want to talk to me

we both are 20


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  • That's weird but he might be doing that because you aren't his close friend. I'm loud and crazy when I'm with close friends, but when I first meet someone or I'm not sure how to interact with them yet, I'll be quiet and awkward.

  • He is playing mind games, I played this game 4 years with a boy. It fucked me up, the more I ignore him the more intrested in me, It has gone soon 6 years and he haven't stoped, even that I got a bf for two years