He didn't texted back, what Now?

so guy I used to talk to months ago came back into the life since the New Years that we both attend. At the party he was flirting with me and I was flirting with him. After the party I ask him to walk me to my car and when stop giving each other a guy there was pause like should we kiss but didn't, I didn't kiss because I was sure how he felt and probably same with him. Before I drove he told get hold of him so when I got I text him letting him know I made it home safe and he let me know that he made home safe as well. Also he said to me that we need to hangout soon and that he was happy that got to hangout that night. Ever since that party me and him been texting and I thinking okay he likes maybe. Long story short, I went to his Facebook and by way we are not friends on Facebook but when I went to his page he posted saying "sometimes I wish I had a girl by my side but I'm to picky been threw to much. I'm complicated. So I saw that post 15 minutes after he posted it, so at that moment I text lhim letting know that I still has feelings for him and he never texted back. The Whole times this is was happening it was around 12:30am. So I don't if feel asleep or what. The things is this whole time I thought he still had feelings for me but since he didn't texted back, I don't what to believe I just need some advice.


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  • eek. Worst thing you could have done. I have done this in the past and its never turned out good. I have learned my lesson. But since you've already sent the text there's no going back. Best thing to do now is just crack on with your life and don't text him again. He may text you further down the line but in the mean time don't text him again

    • ugh why it bad Idea? I been keep this whole thing to myself about me liking him and I felt like he needed to Know since he didn't even Know I like him. I was going to wait but when I saw that status I felt like right then I needed to say something. Do you have a reason why you think he didn't reply back?

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    • I ment to say need to tell him not to hate, aka previous post

    • yeah I think you should just assume that he won't text back and crack on with your life. Keep yourself busy etc. What you don't want to do is get your hopes up coz if he doesn't text back you'll be disappointed. The best thing to do is not expect anything and if he texts back then bonus for you but if he doesn't then swerve him like a cat in the road lol

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  • Text me if he doesn't...


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  • Worst case scenario. Exactly what @skielah said listen to her

  • He is either a player or just want to hae some fun

    • I have know him for a year and our mutual friends got us together the first time and he is not a player from what they have told me and when he first talk I was the only woman the was talking to. Bu the things is I still don't know why he didn't text me back.

    • I had a guy who did this for 4 years, we used to be best friends and he liked me, but he wanted to play as well -.-

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