Is it wrong to double text? What do you all think?

I have seen many blog posts or comments talking about 'double texting' and I was wondering what you all thought of it.

I have seen people saying 'if they want to reply they would have, so don't text them again!', but is that really true?

I know from my boyfriend that, especially when I am drunk, I send him very soppy/sexy messages, and he usually does not respond to them until I text him again in the morning, where I am double texting!!

We all know how annoying and upsetting it is when the person we want to talk to doesn't respond, so surely if we text them again and they reply we feel better about the situation?

I want to know your thoughts!

  • Yes, I don't see the problem in messaging more than once.
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  • No, I don't want to come across as clingy or obsessive.
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  • i double clutch all the time when texting lolol


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  • I do it all the time! People get annoyed with me because I'll text them, "so I saw Jack today" then "he looked nice" then "but I still wouldn't hit that" but i don't give a crap about if it annoys them! It's what I do! They can block my number if they want to do that

  • Depends on the nature of your relationship with the person tbh

    • So are you less likely to text, let's say the guy you like, again if he hasn't replied to the previous text?

    • Hmm if he's my friend & I've known him for awhile even if I like him sure! But if he's some guy I barely know that gave me his # I'd put time inbetween

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