Did I lose the perfect Guy due to m'y insecurities?

Ok so iv dates my bf for a while now it was a seriouse Relationship...

But somthing in the Relationship bugged me alottt... his préférence for blonde pettite girls... now. I know i know he was with me and not her... but it still bugged me alott...

I dont ses myself as gourgouse hot girl... he also commented on other girls pics saying they are hot or sexy and gourgouse... and they are all pettitte girls too...

So it made me reallly jealous i lost my cool apparently... then i came off saying " You probly want to fuck her or think about fucking her" he said im the Most pretty and That he doesn't think about fucking them... but it didn't make me feel any better at all...

I told him i simply do not like him liking other girls, he said he likes what he likes and can not stop it and That he likes a lot of while other things besides me... that Hurt me more... he say what he likes doesn't matter as long as i am what he wants...

But i still brokeup with hum cause i still felt really Hurt...

But now That i cooled off... i still have massive feeling for hum but then i dont.. But then i feel like it was a mistake leaving him...

And please no rude comments... i know im not the Most chilled girl about This...


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  • He is obviously not the guy for you.


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  • Um, that's a big problem and I am glad you broke up for his sake. Very insecure. You did in fact lose the perfect guy, if you keep doing this, your not going to find anymore. Even though he preferred blondes, he saw you as someone who is unique and better than them. If that weren't true he obviously wouldn't have chose you and said that your the most prettiest. You should have noticed that and that should be a big compliment. Apparently you didn't feel good about yourself. I feel bad for the bf and happy at the same time. Let me use a reference, I prefer Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream whenever I go get ice cream, but I chose or maybe tried out Birthday Ice Cream or Vanilla. I noticed something unique about that flavor so I like that flavor.

    • I sware I answered this question related to this a while ago

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    • What can i do? I sent him emails saying im sorry and That i did not understand... but willing to accept what he said... but he isn't replying

    • There is nothing you can do. You just have to wait and see what happens if he responds. I would respond back before, but now I wouldn't respond. Him, I don't know. In the meantime of waiting for him to respond, work out those insecurities

  • Pretty much, you based a quick decision solely on emotions and how you felt at the moment and it turned out to be not that good of a choice. Usually it's better to sleep on stuff like that for a while before jumping to a conclusion.

    • He is no longer replying me no more... i feel lik crying

    • Then cry, get it out of your system. Then move on, you can't change the past. Only the right here and right now. Breaking up with him told him that you can't be relied on or trusted romantically. Cry, pick yourself up and move on.

    • I can't deside what to feel when im with him i felt insecure but without him i feel sexy... BUT then i feel like it was a mistake... i really need help...

  • Each person has a specific type for me i prefer brunette woman... it happens to me once the same and i don't feel that i loset the perfect girl and u cupcake didn't lose the perfect guy at all

    • Most answers are claiming i have, and howw so is it That i didn't lose the perfect man?

    • Most answers are claiming that u hav dosn't mean this is the true for me i think if he likes u he wouldn't propably look at any auther girl and he will try to find 1000 excues to be with u this is my opinion and excusez-moi for my grammar cuz English is not my first language

    • Ok... itss cool with the grammer...

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