Help please I'm following for him again?

This dude and I was dating for 2 years, in September he started talking to another woman. She would call him everything morning around 6:30 and text him constantly at night. He even met her at Applebees, when he claim he was at his brother's. I stayed upset and arguing with him and all he would do was call me crazy. He went from treating me Ike a queen to treating me like crap. This went on until November I couldn't take anymore of his lying. For those few months he was constantly lying to me about everything, what hurt so much was I knew the truth majority of the time. So I broke up with him, it was hard because I still had to see him everyday. He stop eating and became depressed, but I still ignored him. So a little before Christmas I started back talking to him. We would talk for 2 or 3 hours at a time. In the last two weeks we can't keep our hands off each other, bit we haven't had sex. All the feelings I had for him came rushing back at once. I don't won't these feeling again because I know if he stepped out once he'll step out again. I just love him so much. How do I stop these feeling?

Help please


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  • Omg this sounds like my story, there is just one way and that is too move away from the city or not see him at all for a long while

    • I wish it was that easy! I just can't up and leave my family over a man

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