Does geekiness take from a guy's attractiveness?

i've played warhammerr 40,000, i know the ins and outs of d&d, and i have been in contact with petty much everything geeky and popular. does that make me seem out-of-touch to some?

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  • Tell you what , you go find yourself a geek , a good one , a beautiful one , one that understands you.
    Cos you are on the good interesting path of geekiness lol

    God , if you're a military simulation geek like me you'll be talking to tanks and making love to jet engines. (not that I actually do it... wait I SWEAR!)


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  • I am one of the most wanted girls in my town and I have been together with my super geek boyfriend for 2 years he plays all games ever is super weird and random, but still I love him and I don't even answer or look at other boys, so my opinion is : absolutely no! My bf plays WOW, LOL, Farcry, battlefield, Conterstriker (or something) and he is always super awkward to be around with my other friends, but I still love him and shows that he is mine to the world

    • Your one of the most wanted? What crime did you commit? Lol

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    • Being too sexy~

    • My point is geekiness is not unattractive. My bf is super fat as well, it is so funny but he is also a fashonista

  • I am a geek and a guy being a geek makes him all the better

  • Being a geek is cool now. So you're actually more attractive. That is perhaps the sexiest quality a man could have.

    • problem is that i live in norway, which is pretty conservative as soon as you exit oslo/bergen.

    • I don't know how it's like in Norway but it's considered sexy in the U. S

What Guys Said 2

  • I am a nerd and considered a geek with computers. I am proud and I won't wvwr change that. I am making good money because of my knowledge on computers. Soon they will be running to me regardless nerd or not. I mean just look at some of these billionaires like Bill Gates

  • For a geek girl, I don't think so. For girls who aren't into geek culture then I would say yes.

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