Can a bad first kiss ruin a great first date?

I'm curious. I went on a date recently that was phenomenal. I picked her up and took her to dinner. The conversation was great, there was never any awkward silence, we talked several times about second/third dates, follow-up conversations, etc. When I took her home, she said she had a great time and hoped I did too. I was thinking of the best way to kiss her good night when she actually kissed me.

And it took me by surprise enough that it wasn't a great kiss. By the time I re-adjusted mentally, I just didn't do a very good job. Not really sure why. Maybe she thought it was great, but I immediately thought (wow, I did bad there).

Since then, we've talked a little, but the frequency and quality of our conversation has gone down. I know she's busy, and I'm hoping it's that. Because, and I can't stress this enough, the only thing that went wrong was the kiss. Literally three seconds before the kiss, she was eagerly talking about going out again.

So is there a chance the kiss ruined everything that happened before? Or is it all in my head, she's just busy, and I should stop worrying?

(for the record, I'm not really sure how to describe the kiss. Maybe not enough passion on my side? Almost like I was going through the motions? Which I still can't explain because I really like this girl. And I'm dying for another chance to blow her away)


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  • You're thinking about it too much. She probably isn't even thinking of it. Think of your next date.

    • Ha, almost certainly. I get really insecure after a first date, and I overthink everything.

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  • i once saw ONE girl here on gag saying that one bad kiss did mess up one date for her... but most girls were disagreeing with her. i really hope you are still all good man, would be sad if it would all end because of that

    • Okay cool. I know the first kiss is "magical" to some girls, and I could see how it might be a problem. I'd just hate for that one moment (if, indeed, I screwed up) to mess up something potentially really cool. Just makes me nervous that she's been less responsive. Not unresponsive. Just less.

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