If after one year of online dating I managed to get 0 dates, should I just delete my profile and ignore online dating from now on?

question pretty much says it all. been using some dating apps since the first days of January of last year, thats how a realized that a year has passed. during this year, I've managed to talk maybe to 2 girls for a few days until they lost interest. again...2 girls in one entire year (!!!) sounds a bit depressing to me lmao! no girl ever texted me first (i know its not that common, but since i started using gag, i saw that sometimes girls really do approach a guy first on these sites).
so do you think i might be better of just deleting my profiles? what do you think?

anybody else?
ok... last try lol. anybody else wants to say something?


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  • I think that maybe you should give up on online dating. Maybe you should try meeting somebody without the internet or dating sites :)

    • i know that i should. i would much prefer it that way... but if i can, thats another question lol
      still, thanks for your opinion:)

  • I would advice changing ur profile a bit first. I talked to my current bf first on a dating website. The reasons I choose to message him was...
    1) he clearly stated he wanted a serious relationship
    2) he added good details about himself not creepy tho.
    3) his profile was both funny and serious good mixture
    4) a lot of our questions/ answers were similar
    5) when i messaged him i kept up because he was very genuine, did not ask for pictures and talked normally for a week before we met. He was sincere and told me upfront he wants a serious relationship and has no interest in hookups

    • i do hav to admit that my profile is a bit simple, thats mostly because of the app itself. it just has a bunch of questions where you have to check a box to answer, not very personal. then you just have one small space to write one phrase. where some girls have a quote, some say 'only cute guys' or so and lots of them have nothing. for a while i had just 'mrs left' wich i thought was hilarious haha since lots of girls were asking for 'mister right' lol, but i wonder if anybody even understood it, so i went back to having nothing.
      other then that, through those questions, i do say that i want a serious relationship and then just basic info about myself, like height and so. not much more you can say there.
      so, i dont really see how i could improve my profile:/
      as far as the actual conversations, if anything i would only ask for a clear facepic, if all you have is pictures showing just one eye or so haha. other then that, i do try to keep the conversation nice, normal and not creepy

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    • yea of course. what app do u use? U should try okcupid stay away from tinder and badoo is ok but not great

    • i use lovoo. as far as i know its by far the most used here in my area. i live in germany by the way... i know badoo and i know that you can write in more stuff in your profile, but there are basically no users here where i live

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