Called prude? Good or bad?

The other day, a guy friend guessed I had never reached a base, which was true and I asked him how he knew. He called me prude. It's pretty true I guess but could that be a reason I'm single? Do guys dislike prude girls? Or could that be cute? Is prude good or bad?


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  • Prude has a negative connotation. But I like that you respect yourself and fell comfortable with that. I'm 23 and never kissed a girl and that's only because the right girl hasn't come along. Good for you. :)


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  • I would not be arrears to a pride but I assume it may have a different connotation where you are at. .. what do you mean by "reached a base"?


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  • You're friend is an ass and not a very good friend in my opinion.

    Sexual experience isn't a race or a competition. Everything from kissing to full out sex is something that you do when it is right for you with the person you are with.

    Calling someone a prude is something people do to try to make them feel bad about not doing what they think they should be.

    I have no way to know why you are single, but best guess is that you are very young. Regardless of what you might see your peers doing, there's nothing unusual about being single. You will not be single when you find someone you like and who likes you back. It's really that simple.