How to ask out a girl at a concert?

There's this girl i really like but she has no idea i even exist. I'm super shy and quiet so i've never even said hi but i know i like her and want to make the first steps toward a possible friendship and/or relationship. Well i know she frequents this one concert event every year and i was thinking about attending this year in hopes that i could run into her during or after the even and talk to her. I thought it might be a good way to show we have common interests (i do happen to like the same music).

Anyway, when would be the best time to talk to her at said event? Obviously i dont wanna disturb her during the concert while she's enjoying the music, but i fear i could lose her in the crowd after the concert. Also, how should i start off the conversation and introduce myself since she has no idea who i am?


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  • "Hey you wanna go to a concert?"

    • Genius! Someone give this guy a key to the city! *apluase*

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    • You wanna ask her out. See your opportunities, pick one, execute.

    • stop making excuses for not asking her out, @Michaelfreltofte is giving u lots of gd advice so just take it and use it, do what he says coz it is good advice

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