How to go about trying to make contact with this girl , we do talk but not good at keeping in touch?

looking for some thoughs on this one , so I know this girl from hometown and have been trying to date her , we talked a couple times during the holiday break when she was back home and she seemed interested but now back at college in another city that is an hour away. I often go to that city cause there isn't anything to do here at night and some bars I like to visit there. she knows I occasionally head that way as she saw he downtown once and said hi.
what I want to do is like text her to let her know I'm going to be in that city , however she never seems to go to same bars I go to so not sure if I'd see her unless we make plans. however I worry its too short of notice at this point and she'll just think I'm trying to hook up with her. and we also don't really text much I have her # but rarely text her. should I try and make contact anyways or just leave it to chance if I see her or not


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  • I would definitely ask her out! The chances of meeting up with someone are pretty random. You won't be having as much fun because you'll be constantly looking trying to find her. See if she wants to go out and then if she can't or doesn't respond, go have great time anyways!

    • I do agree and feel its low risk to ask her cause even if she rejects me we won't see each other again till may when she's done school semester and by then its possible if we don't date we could each be seeing other people anyways. the time I did see her there was pretty random , she was walking down street and saw me

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