Why do girls go back to their ex's?

Especially if they started dating a guy they like what would make them go back?


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  • Mostly a thing called "Feelings". You don't get to just switch your feelings for a person on and off like they are a lamp or something. Usually your feelings for someone will linger on for a very very long time if they were important to you and someone you loved. In this scenario, I'd say the love this girl had for her ex exceeded the feelings she had for you.

    • Woah I don't know if you're coming off as rude but I'm not trying to mean or degrade anyone. I was just curious I still think she is an awesome girl and I have no hard feelings. I was just looking for some answers.

    • Why would you think that I'm rude? I was giving a answer and I don't see where I was rude. I explained to you in detail what it could be. I'm sorry if it wasn't the right answer. I just answer to the best of my ability and what I have been through in my personal life.

    • No I'm sorry you're probably right. You weren't being rude I'm just a little sensitive since this whole situation happened and I'm going to see her around a lot.

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  • Because they don't know what they want and seem insecure. They typically go to another guy after a breakup for emotional support and get over him but obviously it doesn't work so they go back to their ex.

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