Does a man want to care for a loving woman?

Im a loving caring woman that has only taken care of my kids/man my whole life, im in a terrible situation! I left an abusive relationship and moved in with my friend/Ex. We spoke before I moved in we both made it clear that it was only for friends and to try and help me get back on my feet. I do not love this man and I truly thought he was my friend. But now he is making my life miserable because he wants more. He knows that I can't afford to take care of myself. I start a new job on Monday but this job will in no way shape or form be able to support me and my middle daughter who is 20 and going to school. I don't want to live off the state. I never have and its just something about me I can't do. Is bad as it sounds and as horrible as it is I have always had a man take care of me. To me that's just the way it was, I had my first child when I was 16. I worried about them and always stayed home with them for fear that nobody could take care of them the way I did. I also took care of my man/husband very well. I'm a great caregiver its all I know how to do, and it's what I love to do. it makes me happy. I'm attractive and funny and caring I'm giving I'm loyal. I'm just really stuck and wondering what men think about the situation. Please help! Please try not to bash me that's not why I came here. Thank you for listening.

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  • Well. Do you plan to get a job to support yourself? Do you intend to keep that job after you find a man? You will eventually. If that's you, you're quite pretty. But if your daughter is 20, she's not a baby. It's time to cut that umbilical cord and let her provide for herself now. You need to worry about yourself for now. Then worry about finding a man to take care of :)
    Even if that means state help. It's only temporary. It doesn't last forever. And everybody needs help from time to time right?

    • I just got a job and start Monday. I was collecting unemployment cause I lost my job do to cut backs. I do more than my fare share. And yes I will keep my job if I find love. I'm not opposed to working. Just can't do it by myself. Thanks for your reply.

    • Then a guy will be lucky to have you. And you're welcome. But consider getting state help. And I hope your new job works out for you. Do you not get alimony from your abusive ex? If not, you should. Rape his wallet girl lol

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  • Sounds like you do not want a relationship with this man , but you want the benefits of a relationship , ie financial support , you mentioned you prefer being a stay at home mom , this would imply a wage earning partner , honestly , I think you are using this guy and he is probably thinking the same , most families today are two income families , its just a sign of the times. You said you have always had a man take care of you , now you dont have that , welcome to the real world... stop misleading this guy and get out. I wish you the best of luck...

    • If you read my post you would know I start a job on Monday. I do want a relationship, a loving one. I am not blaming anyone but myself. I didn't even go to high school. 12 dollars an hour in Illinois pays for nothing. When I say had a man take care of me I meant the girls dad. They are grown. One off to collage my 20 year old home with me and in school and my 28 year old is married with my grand daughter. What I meant was I don't have the ability to do it myself. I do pay my fare share here. Both financially physically and mentally. Thanks for your response.

  • Keep your head up mama, you can't move uphill thinking downhill thoughts, not that that are.


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