Would you date a liar with a really good personality?

He's a liar but he has a really good personality. He's nice and sweet. He's smart and confident. He sticks up for you and protects you. He does a lot of nice things for you. He genuinely cares about you. He doesn't cheat But occasionally he lies to you about talking to other girls or hanging out with other girls when you're not home. He doesn't cheat though. Everything else is perfect besides the fact that he is sometimes a liar.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • What if his whole personality is a lie? And why would you even say you'd be hanging out with other girls and such? If you want her to get stressed, that would be a good way. Anyway, if this "liar" was a girl, I'd say no.

    I wouldn't be able to deal with someone saying she'd be hanging with other men while I am not home etc. and since it's a lie, she wouldn't be nice either. Nor do I think that lying in this manner would be part of "a really good personality"


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What Girls Said 1

  • No man, I know someone who lies constantly. They weren't particularly good at it, either. It just always made me uncomfortable and distrusting of them...


What Guys Said 1

  • If you can be sure he's not cheating then it's alright I suppose. He might just be lying to stop you getting jealous. Still it's a little suspicious so just be careful if you do decide to go out with him. :)

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