Asking a shy guy out?

I want to ask this shy guy out who i think still likes me. I'm really shy and have no experience with guys at all, so i kind of over looked all his signals and avoided him basically. We met at this sports thing once a week, and after a month i said hi to him when we bumped into each other. After that, he began to offer to drive me home, was always looking/smiling at me and would come up to me and say hi even when i was too shy to do the same. A few weeks after, we went to a party together and at that point i liked him. He ended up kissing me, and we made out but i broke it off early bc i didn't know if he actually like me or not. Til this day neither of us mentioned the kiss... and he never messaged me or anything even to chat.

Then an exam break occurred, didn't see him for two weeks and then when i did it was the same. Rides, eye contact, smiling... but he never initiated anything so i was confused. This went on for a few more weeks, and then we ended up going skating with our friends and that was weird. Then Christmas break/exams happened and i haven't seen him in a month. But at the end of the break, he texted me for the first time saying that he thought of me and said that we should hang out soon.. but that was about 2 weeks ago.

I want to ask him to hang out even as friends, but i can't seem to bring myself to do it. From what i've said, should i still do it?


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  • He is probably busy. Do not asked him out because if he is busy and cannot go it will get him into the habit of saying no. Let he know what how frustrating it is because he comes and goes. You can say I really want to see you more often then once every couple of months. Maybe he wants to be able to spend more time with you before he tries anything. Like you kiss and then don't see him for two months that really sucks. He has to clear time for you or you move on.


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