Girl said she's tired?

What does it mean when you are talking to the girl you like and it seems like its going fine and then she says "Im tired"? I assumed it meant she didn't want to talk anymore and said I had to go because of LegitReasonHere and that I enjoyed talking to her. And she said "ahh same have fun"? she flirts with me and says hi to me and does a bunch of other stuff that would indicate she likes me? Was she just saying she was tired or do you guys think she was bored? The convo was interesting because she was talking about herself and who doesn't love to do that, it was also funny (inside jokes)? Thanks!

Do you guys think I responded well to that message? Also would it be ok to wait a day or two so she wonders why I am not talking to her? Thanks!


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  • she was legit tired..


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  • She wants you to wake her up by slapping her with your johnson.

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