Anime vs real girls. What do you think?

Which is better in your opinion? I am talking with a girl that loves me on Skype, a real girl but I am sick and tired of her. I would need to message privately to name my reasons for saying this. I want her to stop feeling for me because of a special condition. As you may have understood I don't have the best experience... it's not pleasurable at all loving and being loved back. Nothing special. I am really shy and met her through a game believe it or not... Anime girls totally nail her I think. She acts cute but I feel like she's faking it. Anime girls don't. what do you think?


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  • real girls of course... you can't have sex with animes :-P

    • Doesn't matter. Sex is nothing... I don't care about it and I wish I never will

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  • I don't understand what you mean? Anime girls are exclusively on screen, there's not interaction?
    I think real girls, but maybe you just need to find someone you get along with better?

  • I actually like anime guys more than real ones lol, I'd choose the anime girl thought they're not real

  • I think almost everyone would choose anime people because they are perfect. But thats exactly it, reality isn't perfect. An anime character will never love you back, but a real person can.

    • I don't stand a chance with a real person

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    • Thank you, I appreciate your time answering my messup of a question

    • No problem :)

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