Can a Love-life left half behind catch up?

Straight forward question but situations like this are highly individualized..

My story, I grew up in a pretty normal but fudged up household. My dad was addicted to crack *low key * u didn't find out until I was maybe 17,18. But it made a lot make sense.. Not all but a lot. He was there my whole life but never a real dad, no advice, words of wisdom no lessons. Only threats of physical violence everyday. Would a been better off with a gang or surrogate dad.

My mom tried and was a good parent 85% of the time, but she'd abandon her kids every weekend for her gambling addiction. She figured IG the fridge was full she could dissapear for 36hrs no problem.

Anyway this messed up situation led to childhood obesity from the tender ate of 7, pretty much the second we moved to Las Vegas and I lost the mom I had gotten use to. This stunted me in all kinds of ways, but mostly how I interact, or didn't with women.

The years I would've spent learning how to play all the little games women make you play were spent being ignored and invisible.

I lost all my excess weight at 21, but the damage was all done. The resentment and inexperience have full hold. I've tried, you can't give up on love and sex even if you want to.. but those things just don't happen for me.

Down to my question: is a normal love life even possible Starting at 27 and for all intents a virgin.. should I resign myself to being alone for the 40 years or so I have left?

I'd like success stoties, relevant advice... no empty positive statements that don't help me, please. Ex "gang in there, you'll find the right one!". That shit is worse than an insult


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  • "I grew up in a pretty normal but fudged up household." who is that even possible? Your family was severely broken and disfunctional at best.
    So give your self some credit there.
    You are bound to repeat what you saw as child, unless you get some help and resolve your inner issues that lead to resentment and unresolved anger.
    It may take some time and you'll only successed if you surrender yourself to the process. It can be done.


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