First fight with boyfriend?

Well I got in my first fight with my boyfriend of about a month and a half.
Basically we were both high strung and I said something I shouldn't have, I told him it didn't seemed like he cared because he was talking to other people and taking awhile to respond to my venting (through text) and I deemed it unfair because if we were in person then he would put 100% attention on me.
I realize that's kinda dumb now but I hurt his feelings very very badly. He felt unappreciated and he tries really hard to make me feel good and he got super upset when I said he didn't care. We started yelling and swearing and whatnot.
I apologized and he forgave me but I just feel awful. He is still talking to me and wants to get past it and isn't acting immature at all about it but I know he'll be hurt for awhile. He doesn't want to avoid me to make it feel better.
I just don't know what to do to make up for it, I've never liked someone so much and I feel like i screwed up big time. Help?


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  • Did you win?

    • No, I didn't. Well neither of us did, we just kinda agreed on something and worked it out. he said he forgives me and he's talking to me but he's obviously still a little off.

    • Do something thoughtful for him as well to show him you care... A personal gift or cook something for him?

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