Help me, what do I do?

I just, Well my ex and i broke up August 2014 but we still flirted up until September. One day he sent me a text saying how much he loved me, that he wanted me to be a part of his future, to be his future wife, the mother of his kids, and honestly i thought he could be the guy I might marry someday. He was my everything. but the day after he sends me a long romantic message, he asked out another girl! I was so naïve to think it would last. Im 14 and he's 17. How lijely is it fir that to last? And I want him to happy, but at the same time I want to still be with him. Like he still tells me that he does see a chance for us to have another chance to be together and he still loves me like crazy, but every day it kills me that he isn't with me which makes me selfish. I still feel like his girl in a way stole him from me and I hate her but I shouldn't! I hate her! Gah! I don't know what to do. And when I would vent to him he would feel bad and then his dad got mad at MW and I made him feel guilty for having a gf and, and I just don't know what to do!! *cries* he tells me the main reason he left was the distance abd having to hide our relationship was too hard. :( I'm crying


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  • Awe... I'm sorry... why were his mom and dad mad at you?


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  • It's not going to last. And it is not meant to last. Cry and move on