Does this shy guy like me? Should I ask him to hang out?

I saw him once a week from October til beginning of December for an hour for intramurals. We didn't start talking until a month after, i initiated the conversation. After that he started to offer me rides home, noticed him smiling/looking at me, saying hi and some small talk. But i just thought he was being super nice, and i started to like him. Few weeks later, we're at a party and we we're tipsy, his friend started pairing us together for drinking games.. and he kissed me. We made out, but then i was like "does he like me or is this just a random hook up? so i broke it off and it did get awkward but he didn't avoid me after and was the same around me when i saw him weekly.

His friends asked my friend if i felt the same way about him but I don't know if they were just messing around, and then he texted me for the first time, (last time i saw him was a month ago due to exams and Christmas break) saying that he thought of me and that we should hang out soon...

But we just dont talk a lot, or see each other a lot.. so it's been stopping and going and I don't know whats going on...


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  • I think he definitely likes you and is just being shy. why else would his friends ask if you feel the same way. So if you like him than go ahead, ask him out. Maybe you're less shy than him, someone has to show some initiative.

    • It's weird since he was the one that kissed me (although we were both tipsy) and he's the one that is always looking and smiling at me and saying hi... where as i avoid eye contact and get quiet. But he also gets quiet too. We also went skating, and it was like he wanted to hold my hand.. but he held back and i ended up linking my arms with his. So we're both shy, but one will do something bold and the other won't and it's just a circle...

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    • Well he did ask to hang out soon.. and that was about two weeks ago. Like we met in October and this situation has been going on since. And it's just been confusing... but i guess i'll ask him if he's up to do something. Like you said, better to find out now than to wait around and let it slip.

    • ok, that's great, let me know how it goes. ;)

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