Why is he annoyed I hooked up with someone else when we were never even together?

So basically I had a long time friends with benefits situation going on with my best guy friend (we also dated at first but due to distance with uni he broke it off). We always acted close like one we'll get together but then he said he was seeing another girl. I cut him off because I felt hurt and needed to get over him because he said he loved me but 'in a different way'. After a while I dated another guy, got a little intimate with him but after that it fizzled out. Now I'm talking to my ex guy again and I was shocked to find he still likes me! Not only that but he called it quits with the other girl because he felt guilty about me... he's actually said he has feelings for me and was all inquisitive about my feelings for a while (I said id always love him as he was my first everything and that if I was honest with myself I did love him in many ways- the dating was just a bit of fun really) The thing is he found out id been intimate with someone else and he actes turned off straight away. Why did he act like this? And if he has feelings why won't he bloody act on them!

ok thanks :)


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  • if he liked you you mattered and you hurt him, simple as that

    • but surely he doesn't have a right to be hurt when we werent even together and he told me he wasn't interested like that anymore?

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    • yeah just the right balance hah! i just need to talk to him and be real... likewise if you have any problems id be glad to help :-)

    • so this is gonna sound needy but can my comment be most helpful haha none of mine have been yet an I think i helped i hope so at least lol