Age difference too much?

I'm still in high school, and I recently met a guy that I've recently hit it off with. He's great, and we have so much in common. Our chemistry is off the charts. But he's a junior in college. We wouldn't be like sleeping together or anything. That's a 100% no, and he knows not to expect that. But how wrong would it be to just talk to him more and get to know him a little better? I don't really crush on guys often, but this one has really caught my eye.


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  • How old are you two? :) before i give my opinion

    • I'm 16 and he's 20.

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    • I don't know ur name lol but you're Savannah now (Anonymous) as of now... he is a virgin too?

      DREWSKI1*applause* thank you, thank you lol *bows* yeah I'm a witty little weirdo go ahead i got more :) I'm only being honest.

    • Yes he's a virgin too. We're both very religious. And yes it was great advice haha!

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  • 16 and 20. ehh not too bad as long as you keep it innocent.

  • How do your parents feel about it?

    • I haven't told them yet. Because its not like we're dating or even talking yet, so I don't want to get them involved until I know that its even worth happening.

    • I think maybe it is best to avoid allowing things to go further then. It is a dangerous situation.

    • Thank you for your opinion!

  • No just no that guy is a perv

  • Don't you think there is something a bit wrong with him... that he is going after a 16 year old girl
    Even though there are plenty of girls in college, he went out of his way to see you?

    • He's being very respectful though. I'm good friends with his family and its not like I'm just some random teenager.

    • Well if he's that respectful then he can easily wait 2 more years
      If you have that great of a chemistry then it can last that long
      Meanwhile just strengthen the friendship is my advice

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