Dating this girl, but I'm not sure what exactly is this girl thinking?

So a mutual male friend introduced me to this girl (an outgoing but perhaps shy girl) and throughout he has been playing matchmaker.

Fast forward, I have taken the initiative to ask the girl out on dates (i mention date to her), and we have been out for about five times, i asked her out on Christmas day as well. In addition, we have been constantly texting each other everyday for the past two months (we do not say goodbye so the conversation sort of carries on).

On text, we flirt and just talk about anything or about whats happening in our lives. I mean it's obvious that i'm interested in her or else who spends the time texting a girl consecutively for two months and dates her out. However, she often acts blur whenever i try to be direct to her, and sometimes she seems to be suggesting to put me and another female friend together. Hence I'm really confused.

On one to one dates, we were largely out to dinner outings and slow walks. We do often have physical contact but i have not escalated things with her such as hand holding because I totally do not understand how she feels, although she has mentioned that she is comfortable with me and that i'm different and with all the texting going on. However, she's also very comfortable with hanging out one to one with male friends. I have also sent her home on most dates.

However, regardless of the texting and the one on one dates we have already had, I dislike group outings with the mutual male friend that introduced us because she seems to be only close with the mutual male friend and have a lot of things to talk about, whereas sometimes i feel like i'm getting in between them. And whenever the mutual friend tries to sort make fun of us together, she would make comments or actions like we don't have a thing between us regardless of the texts and dates, i'm not sure if she is shy or what.

All in all, i'm not sure is she even interested or am i suppose to make a move?


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  • Make a move its the only way your ever going to know for sure if she's interesed or not, if u dont you'll never know what could have been , if she likes you and has gone on dates with you chances are she will like you back.


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