Does it mean my crush is really single?

Hi, I got my crush on Facebook. A month ago I realised he changed his reationship status from "single" to "not showing". I just checked and it says "single" again. I am so happy. But I am not sure if that means he is really single, why would he have changed it before...


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  • i wouldn't take FB status into consideration with reality. some people forget or dont care to update their social networks.

    • Thanks, I see what you mean. But since he did change it a month ago and now again, I am thinking he does take it into consideration. He does also have a profile on a dating site, uses it regularly, could he be single then?

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    • I hope he is... He commented on fb on this girls photo a heart and smile, don't know why?

    • I can't really answer because its so insignificant. its really pointless to try and decipher why people do things on social media.

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