He is cheaylting on me? please help?

I am in a long distance relationship with a guy I met last year.
He is a nice man. And he is nice looking and mature. he's basically an introvert.

Everything was fine until December. He was on a work trip since September though he came back in October and went back in November and returned on 21st December

Ever since he came back, his attitude has been weird.
Since we are in a long distance one, we usually communicate through whatsapp and Facebook or through phone calls.

Since he's back, his attitude has changed. For 4-5 days he was absent for long periods on whatsapp, coming straight after 6-7 hours.

On the new years eve I guess he was free completely hence he was coming online a lot.
His normal routine is checking his whatsapp every 1-2 hours.
And till 5 or 6th Jan, he was normal again, following his normal routine but since 3 days again, he's been off for long hours.

He also posted a pic of himself at night where he was looking very relaxed. The phot has him reclining on his bed. Most people thought it was a selfie but to me it does not look like a selfie.

Two of my friends also said that there was someone in the room who took the pic.

Even on weekends, he is off for long hours.

I guess he is seeeing someone other than me because I find his attitude suspicious. He never acted like this before.

What do these signs mean? He is seeing someone? And should I leave him?


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  • okay.. this is kinda scary... you asking people of the internet if you should leave him without any confirmation.


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  • Leave him!!! He is a player!!!


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  • Never do long distance. Can't trust them and its hard to keep it going