To trust or not to trust?

So a few months ago this guy and I were chatting over the phone and we were suppose to meet up and it turns out that he stood me up. Anyway in December he sent me a message apologising and asking if we could meet up some time. I gave him the cold shoulder and said no I don't think it was a good idea. Anyways we started chatting over the phone again and he asked me to come over to his place for a movie. So I decided I would get it over with but it turns out I kinda like him and he says he likes me. I'm so worried that i get hurt again and what if my family and friends don't understand. Can I get some outsider perspective?


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  • Ask him y her did it and if it's genuine continue

  • Take things slowly, and if he can't handle it then you know he's not a keeper

    • Thanks I absolutely agree

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