I met a guy off of a dating site. would this worry you?

I met this guy off of a well known dating site and we arranged to meet in a coffee shop.
He was there at the specified time but I didn't recognise him from his pic he had given me.
I decided to go home and he texted me later on.
What bothered me was that he said that I would have been the first not to have met him up with him. I actually found this rather alarming.
Do you think he meets loads of women (is he a player) or is it just my brain overthinking?


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  • " I would have been the first not to have met him up with him"

    1) you are either the first person he's tried to meet
    2) he's full of shit and is lying to make him seem better than he actually is.


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  • Your brain is overthinking. He's also probably a little peeved that you didn't try to find him at the coffee shop by texting him. I would be too.


What Girls Said 2

  • Why would you go home without bothering to call or text him when you were there?

  • No. He maybe meeting lots of women, but that doesn't make him a player.

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