Ladies, how unattractive is a belly on a guy?

Ladies, how unattractive is a belly on a guy? I don't mean like hugely obese or what not, just that he noticeably has a belly and isn't super cut like you might want. Thoughts?


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  • It does diminish his attractiveness but not by a severe amount. Id say it takes off 2 pts so if you have a belly you better be otherwise good looking. I have a cousin however who will not date an overweight man at all no exceptions and my aunt likes fat boys so it all depends. It's just better not to have the belly so it's something he should try to work on

  • it depends on the women who is judging. I personally like bigger guys so i would find it more attractive but a lot of women would say the opposite. just depends on the female u are trying to attract.

    • To what extent would you find that attractive?

    • I mean my bf is a big guy and i find him to be the best looking man ever! like i just like it. He may be about 300-350 pounds but dam is he hot

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