Relationship advice with my boyfriend?

Well my boyfriend doesn't have the best confidence in the world. He works on it though and we haven't fought about anything having to do with it.
But I'm the naturally flirtatious type (or, "flirtatious", where I tease or joke about more intimate things) with other people. I don't mean it in a flirtatious way at all and I'm not testing the waters. When I'm actually flirting with someone, it's always awkward haha so I'm surprised someone so sweet is actually dating me!
But one time i hurt his feelings because we got together with a group of friends and I was the only girl and I did this behavior. I could tell he was upset but thing is, I didn't realize why. A few weeks later he tells me the full truth why he was upset and it was because I was apparently flirting with other boys, and treating him like just part of the group. I explained that I wasn't flirting but he still didn't like my certain behavior towards the other guys and I can understand.
How can I fix this? I treat all my friends, male and female like this, but I understand why my boyfriend wouldn't like it and it's not that big of a deal for me to change as he has already changed a lot for me.
And what did he mean that I treated him like part of the group? I was just trying to give everyone equal attention. Should I be closer to him when out with a group?


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  • Yes, you should stay closer to him, tell him that even though you act like this in front of everyone he holds the height place deep in your heart and add some cheesy lines they work miracle during time like this and don't give him falls promises like you won't flirt... cause you simply can't get rid of the habit and don't treat everyone equally he is your boyfriend and they're your friends thin line between.

    • Okay thank you. I'll try not to, I mean I don't try to flirt because there isn't anyone else im interested in whatsoever. but i wanna change for him

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    • thank you, and yes I like him a lot, he never yells or gets mad at me for it he just gets sad and I notice it. he didn't tell me til later that it seemed like i flirted with other people so I feel bad because I probably kept up the behavior but I know now, so ill change it!!

    • Such sweet guys are hard to find I envy ya girl!!

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  • Guys like attention as much as girls I think. So if you're out with a group, make it known you came with your boyfriend and aren't just a group member. Cling to his arm, sneak in a kiss on the cheek or what not. It'll show not only him, but the group that y'all are bonded and aren't afraid that the others know. And it'll make your boyfriend feel as though he's more important than your friends - which he kinda should be if you really like him.

    • Yeah he is more important than my friends, he's always first priority. the reason I didn't do all the lovey stuff was because he said once he didn't like expressing his relationship in public but I guess he didn't mean that and was just trying to be humble haha. But yeah I'll try to do all that stuff more, I don't want him to feel unloved

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  • You should learn to behave for your bf. You wouldn't be happy if he casually flirts with other people too right? Just watch over what you do bc maybe its enough to reason to upset him.

    • Alright yeah. I mean I think flirting is a conscious thing and I don't find anyone else attractive or as funny as him and I feel terrible that I made him think otherwise for my dumb behavior :/