A guy started putting me second, is this gonna make him regret it?

I was seeing a guy and things were going well, we had sleepovers, I met all his friends and we said we like and miss eachother. Till he starts losing contact with me, doing the slow "fade away" and I was wondering what was going on. Turns out he's into some girl from his homestate. He's very superficial and into looks, and I have a feeling she isn't as into him as he is into her.

I was basically that person he'd get fucking attention from and reassurance, while he longs for her. He doesn't know that I know this, but I've seen it all over Facebook and he want to visit there and complained that people didn't want to hang out with him when they said they did... hmm I wonder who he was talking about.

I'm just so furious and annoyed that he lied when I asked him if he was talking to anyone else. He came across as a real, honest guy. But I was wrong.

I'm gonna block his number and cut him off. I'm assuming he'll wonder what happened, but I don't care. I'm sick of feeling like I'm not good enough. Do you think this will make him regret ignoring me and putting me second?

Cause I seriously hope so! I'm beyond done.



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  • Yeah that sounds like an appropriate reaction.

    • I just want someone who's down for me, and someone who wants to be around me and cares about me. that person clearly isn't him, so I'm hoping there's someone else who is.

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  • One mistake you are making and that so many gals make, is to believe that "she" is not as good for him as you. That may actually be true, but you don't know.

    So really, this whole thing is about you and him. Even if he leaves you and goes to her, she is not part of this equation. It is all about you and him.

    I don't know if dumping him, blocking him, etc., will make him regret anything. What is really important is what does it do for you? Does it free you up to move on? Yes. Does it make you feel good? Apparently. So do it. You are not worried about picking it back up. ("I'm beyond done.") So do it any don't fret about it any more. Next time we hear from you it should be about how things are going with your new guy, because this one is DONE.

    • Yeah exactly, It's like I'll never be good enough for anyone though. I just give up on letting anyone in.

    • Bad idea. It takes all of us a lot of 'experimenting' with different people to find the perfect match. In fact. the reason there are so many divorces now is probably because people are too fast to accept someone as their perfect match way too early. Keep looking. There a thousands of guys out there who would be perfect for you. It is just that there are billions of guys n the world. You have a lot of sorting to find one or two of the good matches. But it is definitely worth it. Just remember to enjoy life as you are looking. Don't over invest yourself till you have that definite good one. And when things seem goo but go sour, move on, but keep the good memories instead of holding the bad ones.

  • If you hope he regrets it, then you care. Don't do stuff to hurt him. I know you're angry, and broken hearts suck. But you'll end up regretting how spiteful you are. Be the better person, accept that the relationship obviously isn't as important to him as it should be, and try to move on without him becoming your enemy.

    • I know, but it hurts too much when he'll randomly say he misses me, it pulls me in again and makes me feel like i'm important to him, when I'm not. Blocking his number will actually make me happier... and I doubt it would hurt him because I don't matter to him..

      If anything maybe it will make him feel bad for what he did. If he's gonna run back to me because that girl doesn't want him then its not fair to me.

    • Doing this all for you is fine. Just don't do anything to intentionally make him feel bad :P It's a lifelong lesson I've always taken to heart. Two wrongs don't make a right. However cliche it may be, it really helps when it comes to making rational decisions. Do what makes you happy. Not what makes him hurt.

    • I doubt that would hurt him either way ha

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