What does she really want here?

Girl at work has a boyfriend so I think she just has a crush or two. Not trying to get into a relationship or anything, but she has shown me crazy signs that she likes me and we have been back and forth for a long time. I also saw signs she liked my buddy too. I never really saw them talk until I started ignoring her and he told me she was walking with him like her and I used to. Which I though twas interesting.

So anyway two positions recently opened up in her department. My buddy used to work in her department so a lot of people figured he would get one of them. I did for sure. I ended up getting one of the positions. One of my other buddies in the dept told me she approached him and asked why I wanted to work in the dept. Later I bump into her and she asks me who I think will get the job. I say my buddys name and say that he would be perfect and she says "me too!" because he has previous experience. She was like sweating and blushing, but she is a frequently blusher. She stared right back at me when she said it with out blinking. So it made me jealous so I said "well maybe whitney" a girl that likes me. When I said that the conversation ended basically. She didn't say anything when I said that.

So then later another different buddy that works in her department tells me that she asked him also why I wanted to work in the department which I though was interesting. I brought up my buddy, and he says yea me and Rachel talked and we both agreed he would be perfect. Whats up?


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  • She sounds like a player. If she goes from you to your buddy to you again... But the fact that she's asking why you want to be a part of department, she probably thinks you want to be in it because she wants to know if you're doing just to be closer to her...

    • Yea I thought that was interesting. Why is she asking them that? Why does she care?

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    • Ok, did I write that she was boss, because if I did I didn't mean to! She's not my boss, lol. I'm not sure why she was asking. I thought it was interesting. I didn't hear that she was asking why my buddy wanted to work in the department. Only that she and some other people thought he would be a great fit because he has previous experience. She also said to me and to one of the other buddies, that she didn't think he would get the job because Sam the actual boss doesn't like him because he's too immature and may leave the job soon.

      Make sense? Mainly I was like why is she asking "why I want the job" to two of my buddies. She is smart, she should know that it is an upgrade over my previous position.

    • If I were you, I would walk up to her... and say this... "Hey "Whitney", not that it's really any of my business, but why are you asking my buddies why I want the job? You clearly can see it is an upgrade, and that I want to move forward with my career and future." then see how she'd reply to me. . Honestly from reading what you just put, maybe she's doing it because Sam wants to see if you're more mature than your buddy.

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  • She's Your Boss?

    • What? no not my boss

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    • Hahah, so I just want to be sure I am understanding what you are saying. She was looking for gossip on me, but making coversation about my friend? Is that what u say?

    • yes talking about your friend makes her look like she isn't being nosy or looking for a scoop on you

  • She could be a natural flirt

    • Anything tell you here who she likes?

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