What do guys think of socially awkward girls?

Ok, so I live in the UK and I'm in high school- an all girls private high school. I've been isolated from boys for so long, the guys and girls get together ONCE a year, that the last time me and my best friend tried to talk to some guys we panicked. Since we were holding ping pong bats as we were about to play table tennis, I accidently hit her in the face in it. The guys' faces were just like, what? So anyway, when I go to university I'm going to be surrounded by guys and I'm going to get VERY nervous. I'm naturally a very shy person, the shyest in my year, and I want to sort of start dating or like try to socialise a bit more, but I'm too nervous to talk to new people. I just joined a sort of summer thing for a week and I didn't make any friends because I'm so shy. I've read in books that guys find it cute and all but I think that they all want a confident, sexy girl. So here's my question: what DO you guys think of us socially awkward girls? Is it cute or just plain annoyingly awkward?

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  • I wouldn't hold it against them. Guys are like that too so we understand. Just be yourself.


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  • Actually, my girlfriend is socially awkward. She trips up stairs, has no idea what to say in public, never knows where to put her hands, struggles to talk to people and had absolutely zero balance when she gets the slightest bit nervous. And she's my girlfriend! I mean, I wouldn't go after a girl just because of her social awkwardness, but it is cute, and I hold nothing at all against her for being socially awkward.

  • I'm totally fine with it, as long as she is into one on one quality time with me, I'm happy to hold her hand and be nervous together.

  • I think girls like that are cute to me

  • They are cute, i would date with a girl like that.


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