Being snubbed by the family?

My bf and I have been together 4 years I'm 23 he is 28 we live together. His family is going on a vacation the punta cunta this summer. Apparently I'm not invited which I don't understand at all I am over at his mom and step dad's all the time with my bf for dinner and I attend all family functions not to mention I live with him. If I'm very close to his family why would their leave their son's live in partner out? Isn't it kind. of a given after a couple lives together that they function as a unit and it is rude to invite one and not the other? I asked my bf about it and he said he thinks it is rude of them too. He said he may not go if they don't include me but I don't want him to miss out because of me I'm just hurt because I don't know what I did to cause this rude snub. Thoughts


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  • I can see them not wanting to pay for you and therefore that is why you are not invited. The money aspect is understandable. It is also awkward to talk about so that is why it appears they are snubbing you.

    • Well my bf is paying for himself so obvs I would too.

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    • My bf said he told them. that he won't be going if they don't invite me and he said they said its sad that he can't leave me for a week to to away with his family and that he should always choose his fam first.

    • Wow. They clearly do not acknowledge you two as a couple and still treat their own son like he is 12 years old. I hope your bf does not take after them. In reality, if this is how his parents behave, I wouldn't want to be around them anyway. Sounds like a vaca from hell you may be avoiding!

  • there has gotta be other reasons, I mean if I was your bf, Id stay back..


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