I'm not enjoying it, Shoul I end it?

I have a friend with benefits, but he's away for a while. So we texted, sexted, and so forth. But I tend to get attach when talking too much. So I started to have mixed feelings. And then I got realized that he's kind of egocentric. He was "on the mood" yesterday so we sexted, it worked for him but not for me, so, now when I ask him to respond to my messages, that I'm on the mood, because I'm always avaliable for him, but he's not for me, he says that he only reason that he takes notice of his cellphone and responds is because he is bored.
He also said some weird things, about me waiting for him, till he came back, and when I told him that we've never talked about exclusiveness, took it back, and told me to do whatever I want. What would he say all that, if aparently I'm only someone that entertain him? I don't feel happy about all this situation. Shoul I end it? I'm right to be mad?


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