Ok so this is really embarrassing to say, but I've never made out before... I don't know how! Any tips?


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  • This is the type of thing when the old saying "practice makes perfect" applies.

    I guess I can say my opinion of what makes a good make out session... but it's not a "how to" guide...

    1. It should be soft but with a sense of urgency.

    2. Use physical contact... meaning touch the persons face, hair, put your arms around their neck.

    3. Move your head from side to side. Remaining still will make the kiss boring.

    4. Use your tong. Swirl it and twirl it but be gentle. Don't try to stick your tong down the other persons through.

    5. Pull back and look into their eyes from time to time. It makes thing more sensual.

    I hope I've helped. Good luck.


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  • Kissing is just one of those things you have to do.. I read thousands of articles about it before I had my first kiss, and they really didn't help. I would recommend telling the guy that you've never kissed, I did that and he just took it easy and it went fine! Good luck :)

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