How do you meet older guys?

Not that much older but up to 10 or 11 years.

I've tried guys my age, but none of them seem t be willing to be in a relationship. It's all just hook ups. And I've never had sex and I'm never gonna have casual sex, so I don't know maybe seeing someone older would mean he is more ready to settle down

Thing is just that most guys I meet are my age. I have no idea where to meet someone older than me?


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  • i highly doubt that all guys your age only want hookups!
    and i highly doubt that its gonna be the 10 year older guy that will want something serious...
    they just have more game and might make you feel more special, but at the end they might care less then the guys you meet now

    • well it's statistically impossible they all only want hook ups, but most do. And all the ones that ever showed any interest in me. Hook up culture is insane here.

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    • I'd be up for that too

      And I'm not settling because I'm desperate, I've always only wanted to be with one guy

    • well saying that you are 22 and dont have much time left sounds a bit desperate. 22 is still young af, thats what i think at least.

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  • I only tend to meet married and dating women, I can't find anyone to date either. To be honest even if I did i'm not sure if I could make it work cause I have never "dated" only lunch dates that's it. At least the hookup option is available I don't even have that option lol I have no clue where people meet or how all that works I try but it don't work out at all... Dating site maybe?

    • I don't know dating sites seem a bi desperate

    • I've tried them I mean especially if your introverted it makes it easier. No were else to meet them unless you go to church or to the bar which aren't my thing. Honestly dating seems really fucking hard , maybe that's cause I moved 6 times in my life, no siblings and no cousins nearby my age.

  • On GaG, it's the best place!


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