How much do you think he likes me? Is he just infatuated? I'm not ready to date, how do I handle this?

I've honestly never dated because I was with my HS sweetheart until my mid 20's. I've been single now for a couple years so this is all so new to me.

I ran into an old college friend. We were ok friends, we last saw eachother at 19.

We have both grown up and changed a little bit. He and I have gone out a few times, not called dates but just as friends. It's obvious he likes me because he was touchy feely the first time. I told him I wasn't ready to date (im really not, I think I need to be on my own a while longer) but he has kept wanting to see me.

He told me seeing me the next time we made plans was going to make his day. After we saw eachother he texted me asking to see me again that night or the next! I couldn't so I declined.

When we parted ways he gave me a hug, then another and I think he meant to kiss my neck in a playful way, I couldn't tell because of my scarf. He was just being playful though.

He seems like he really likes me and I really like him too. But I just need to be on my own longer. I'm not sure how to proceed OR if he is just infatuated and it will pass. Or what. I'm not used to a guy acting like this. It's flattering and I appreciate his affection but I'm not sure about it all.

He wants us to make all these plans and do all these things, too. So far I've been clear about it being a friendly way on my part, as im just not sure about it all in addition to me wanting to be on my own for a while longer

Looking for words of wisdom. I enjoy my time with him but don't want exclusivity. It's NOT that I want to be with anyone else. I just need to be alone and free in general for a while longer.

The other thing too when we make plans is he tells me all these days he's free because he really wants to see me. I would imagine he's not doing this with other girls then? Just don't want to feel like I'm in some rotation or something. Would it even matter? But I don't think I am.
Still curious about this


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  • You've told him you don't want to date. You said he likes you. You need to cut him out of your life because no matter what he says he's waiting for you to change your mind. Tell him he needs to move on because you aren't interested and he's going to get hurt in the long run.

    • Yeah I've been wondering about this, it's all very new still honestly. This hasn't been going on long. I'm curious about him, but have been clear about us being friends. I think he gets he idea but it doesn't seem to matter :-/ makes me wonder because of that if this is just a passing infatuation anyway

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