Why would a man always smirk at you and look at you if he thinks you're ugly?

At my college there is this guy who always looks at me even when he's with his friends or alone. His friends and him were talking about me when I had my headphones on. They were talking about me and what they thought of me. All of them thought I was attractive except him. He thought my face wasn't all that. But all of them disagreed. The thing I don't understand how he will think negative but always stare, and sometimes smile. Or get quiet when he walks by me with his friends.
Part of me is also hurt because I'm use to getting a lot of male attention. But I got over that part


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  • Thats how they get you! Be the odd one out. He got you thinking and it's working! It's driving you insane isn't it?


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  • The thing is if you go around the world trying to wonder why someone looked at you a certain way then you will end up in the mad house. You are going to have guys cute and ugly look at you like dirt, you will have women who look you up and down like you are a turd! Its life, it takes all sorts to make up a planet, why are you so worried about what is going on in his mad selfish head.

    I feel like you have a little crush on him and him rejecting you is hurting? Imagin a short fat, bald guy with a tatoo of a skull on his head did the same thing? Would you even care?

    So stand your ground, stand up for yourself, if he stares You stare right back and talk loudly with your eyes. Don't act like a little girl blush run, cry, feel embarassed , be a woman wear your sexy panties and find your confidence. Bite him with your eyes, grrrrrr!!!

    • Dafuq?
      It's my ego. That's all I care about. I'm use to getting attention that's the thing. I love attention from men I like and don't

    • Ah I see, well take your ego for a nice girly day out to a place full of guys ( a party is always good) and wear your favourite hot number and turn heads, it works.

  • Hmmm maybe you actually likes you the same as the other guys, and is just scared to admit it. Cause he likes you a ton. And want to be different from his guy friends so he just shrugs it off? But dont take what I said as a definite answer , cause I have no clue. Just an idea. And if he dosent like you really, then just gnome it and continue being happy. Cause really even the most beautiful of girls there's always going to be someone who thinks a bit differently about them, and dosent agree. But that's life. And the comforting thing is that it happens to everyone.