There is this guy that I have a crush! do you think he likes me?

we text each other
he walks with me after school
he is very sweet
he sometimes looks at me and smiles
but I think he only wants us as friends


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  • Sounds like he likes you, suggest that you guys go out and do something. If he agrees and dresses up nicely, that's a sign he sees you as a potential date. If he puts no effort into his appearance, he sees you as just a friend.


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  • Hmm, well does he do the same to other girls? Also, is there a reason that he'd want to be "just friends"? For example, does he want you as a friend because you share a common interest or because he wants you for something, like help with school? If not, its safe to say, he likes you :)


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  • Ask him! You can't just sit there guessing your whole life. Sounds like he likes you though :)

    PLEASE answer my most recent question.. I would really appreciate it soooo much if u did :)

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