Please help me really quick texting my crush?

So I accidentally texted my crush something earlier, and now she is pretending like she's the guy I meant to text. Obviously I know it's her, but anyway...

Trying to be funny, I said "Hey wanna go smell the candles at Wal Mart?"
She replied: "Was this meant for W (the guy I meant to text earlier)?"
I said: "I thought you were W"
She said: "Oh right hehe"
I said: "So you up for it?"
She said: "Ya".
I said: "Really? Lol."
She said: "Actually I don't think I can peel myself away from my couch now that I'm on it."
I said: "Not even for candles?"

Should I offer food?
I think at this point she knows that I'm actually trying to talk to her.
What should I say? Should I smoothly change it into an actual date? How would I do that?

Also I'm serious.
HELP MA pls!!

After the "not even for candles" here's the rest:

She said: "We will someday, I heard their flavors aren't even good now."
I said: "Well if you're not into candles we could just eat people food."
She said: "I eat dog food"
I said: "Well I eat cat food most of the time but you don't see that stopping me from eating occasional people food"
She said: "Oh I am a dogfoodivore (it's very similar to herbivore)"
I said "Pet's Mart?"
She said "sure they have great toys"
I said: "and food lets go"
She said: "Harry potter is on"

I think I should give up at this point. We just worked for like 7 hours so maybe she's too tired for anyone...

So I said "which one"



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  • Suggest, "Or if you're not into candles, we can always grab a bite."

    • Hmm... that's pretty smooth! Still waiting for her to reply. Should I say that now?

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    • You can always ask me again if something like this happens again :P

    • Haha alright!

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  • Ask her if you could join her on the couch. Say you'd bring a movie and some food. Grab a flick from your collection and get some Chinese or burritos or some shit.

    • Eh, can't really do that. I mean her parents are probably home or something.

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    • I don't really want to ask her out over text anyway. If rather do it in person except we aren't scheduled together anytime soon and if we were wouldn't it just end up like today again?
      Do you think texting is the only choice?

  • No, she needs to get her ass off the couch and go to the W. Quit asking.

    • But she used Harry Potter against me! It's like avada kedavra to my heart

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    • Nah I liked the harshness I found it funny.
      Thanks for the luck!

    • No problem!! I think the next time will be better!! ☺️

  • if she replies with a yes ask her when is a good time, if its a no then pretend like you think it's the guy your still talking too.

    • If you read the update: what should I say back.

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    • yeah i think at this point bring it up at a different time.

    • I will fo sho!

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