How do you date someone when you don't want to settle down?

I have no idea how dating works because I've only ever been in one long term relationship from high school until my late 20's.

I'm not ready for exclusivity but I've enjoyed my time with someone recently. I did tell him, very clearly, that I'm not ready to date, as we were on the topic of relationships.

He seems to not mind this as he continues to peruse, but not overly so. He's absoluteloy giving me space but letting me know he wants to see me.

I'm really curious about him, but I'm just not ready to be exclusive or feel I need to answer to anyone, and I want my pure freedom.

I wouldn't mind spending more time with him or accepting plans with him but I feel that would send the wrong message. So I decline. But I feel like I want to accept. I'm just not sure what to do. I don't want to mislead, but like I said, I'm curious about him.

Isn't that what dating around is? I just don't know. I also worry I'll become attached.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Not now (I'm settled down) but I did it.

    • Right... But how exactly

    • Like without getting attached in la la land, and everything in the above. Just not sure how to proceed

    • Just enjoying life together, sex included with some girls, not included with others.

What Girls Said 1

  • You don't

    If you don't want strings attached I suggest you just don't date at all. Maybe have a friends with benefits to keep you satisfied from time to time?

    But, feelings are bound to happen when you spend time with someone, especially when you both have things in common or you're attracted to them.

    • Yeah see that's what I feel is happening here :-/ we have so much in common. I guess I just don't know how some people date around. Maybe I got lucky and met someone a better match sooner than later? It's funny because he was not on my radar before...