How interesting does a guy's life have to be for you to date him?

How active does he have to be?

Let's say he's NOT a clingy/desperate guy who would wanna be around you all the time. STILL, how much should be going on in his life?

Does he have to have friends? How outgoing does he have to be? Would you want to see him getting out of the house several times a week doing things he likes before you'd feel comfortable dating him?

Thanks : )


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  • Okay I have the perfect example for you. My twin sister was hanging out with this guy and she had a crush on him. They went out a few times and he told her he like her and she felt the same way. He told my sister he was looking for a relationship and my sister thought it was going too fast. I asked her, "what is the real problem because if you like him, sis, you would have no problem going into a relationship with him."

    She said part of it was that he is looking for someone to settle down with because he is older than she is but a big part of the reason was that he didn't really have a social life. It bugged my sister that he didn't have a job (not that money matters but it is nice to see an independent guy). He doesn't really have a lot of friends so he doesn't go out much. My sister specifically said you need to miss the guy... meaning he needs to do his own thing sometimes and you start to miss him and it makes you want to see him even more. BUT if he is always available and wanting to hang out with you the mystery is kind of gone because he is always available.

    It is like when you work and you haven't been home all day... all you want to do is go to your bed because you are tired and appreciate it more. If you didn't work all day and spent the day in your bed... you wouldn't appreciate it as much at the end of the day.

    Do you understand?

    • Yeah, this is pretty good, thanks for your thoughtful answer... I suppose I wanted to know how important the "social proof" factor is to girls, everything else being normal. Like, even if the guy is not a needy/clingy/always available and ready-for-a-date-type (see question), would it be troubling if he seems to have trouble holding on to friends? (E.g., what if he's a friendly guy but just doesn't form lasting friendships that well?)

    • Supposing that you do have a life, you should be just fine. Everyone has some sort of issue in their life. My sisters example was a person who didn't really have a life; no job, some friends but doesn't really like to go out) but if you have your own life, which you do say and you are not clingy, your are perfect.

    • Well thanks, that's reassuring. : ) And of course I'm working on the social life as well.

  • Well he's gotta have some sort of a life... He can't just b some fat looser with no motivation. I like guys who play a sport but its not a must. I hope he has friends... or he'd b rly sad :(. Also I hate guys who are controlled by their parents, he's gotta b able to get out and have fun, weather its with me or his buds. It's okay if he's not super outgoing but he's gotta wanna go out and hav a good time or something.


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