Thoughts on Afghani mens?

So I am from Bangladesh and I have been dating a guy from Afghanistan and he is like super good looking.. he is very fair and cute and I am also good looking according to everyone but I have a tanned skin as I am not as fair as him not at all... so I basically heard that Afghani guys are violent towards their ladies and are always attracted towards fairer ladies just like their own Afghani girls.. Afghani girls are very beautiful than Bengali girls like me... so I sometimes get confused why he loves me so much and chosed me... right now to be honest I am kinda confuses or might have some misconceptions about Afghan guys... so I just want to hear your thoughts and opinion about afghan guys


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  • Hello there
    im an indian and u both lovers are my neighbours
    and I have an Afghan friend and according ro me he is a nice guy and and treats his wife like a queen
    he once told me a story that guys in afghanistan do hit there wife
    qnd the reason is angryness
    they get angry very soon

    Not all guys are aggressive
    but if u know him very closely and stayed with him for at least a 4 month in afghan then only go for marriage

    All the best for u both
    I hope your love suceeds

    • Ohhh its really great to hear that... he also treats me very nicely but yeah he is a very angry guy but honestly he never showed any anger with me... and thanks a lot for your opinion ^_^

    • You are welcome
      I hope my opinion helped u out
      cheers and all the best for future

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  • Most men from that region are probably going to treat you like property. If not at first they'll work on isolating you from your family then wait till you have no escape.

    • But I guess not all of them

    • Strictly speaking that's true, but it'd be like playing russian roulette with a revolver filled with five bullets instead of the usual one. I wouldn't take that kind of risk.

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