Women, when you're angry at an ex bf but still love him. Do you expect him to Chase you or leave you alone?

Okay just wanted to ask this. My ex gf and I were working things out until an argument came. She pushed me away when she said she wanted time apart from me.

Last week I slept over her place and we told each other we love each other and miss each other.

I sent her a text that day saying thanks for having me over and I love her. She said I love you back. I didn't text her after cause I thought she wanted time apart from me.

I checked up on her yesterday after not talking to her for a week and she said she feels used as a booty call and it was nice hearing from me and ended the convo. I told her I missed her which is why I came over. I texted her back to have a good weekend and I miss her a lot/love her. No reply after that.

I followed up today asking her how her day went and no reply either. I feel like I'm chasing her and I think I will back off. I want her back though but yes I know she's giving me a hard time. She knows I'm not the type to chase her either. What should I do?


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  • Chase if you really want her, don't if you don't

  • Obviously you both still feel something for each other still. You just have to find something that will show her you both still have that connection and you want to be with her.


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