How can I start things up again, what's going through his mind? I need help and advice?

He asked me out on a date and was super persistent. We had a really good time and he told me had a lot of fun. There's a lot of attraction between us. We continued talking and I asked if we were going on a second date and he said he wanted to. He was persistent again and we had a second date a few days later where we just watched movies and chilled, and had a good time. I met him a year ago and he's my friends older brother but we never talked or anything until we hooked up and slept together about two months ago and I slept over and we slept together on the second date again. I texted him after the dropped me off after our second date and we talked all day. But he didn't text for a few days and then I texted him. We only talked briefly. I went back to school after the Christmas break and we're about two hours away from each other. I know its a pretty new, but I thought it went well, what can I do now?

I am seeing him next weekend because it's my best friend's (his sisters) friends birthday and were all going out, and staying at his house. How can I start up the convo again etc.. I want to talk to him before I see him. I don't want to come off clingy, I just want to see where things go since we connected. What do you think he's thinking?


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  • its just my opinion but i won't sleep with a guy until i know we are officially in a relationship. it allows you to ensure that when you do sleep together its not just about sex and at that point you will know that it means more.

    • So would would you suggest I do now?

    • find out if you can get together and talk after the party. dont talk about it that day cuz it could ruin the party for you, but do ask him if you can talk maybe the next day. if he's a good guy he will say yes. then be honest about what you want. i dont believe in games. i like to know where i stand in a relationship. thats just me

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