How do I tell him I like him without scarring him off or seeming clingy, need guys opinions, what would be okay with you?

I met him about a year ago (hes my best friends older brother), but we never talked or anything until we hooked up and had sex about two months ago. He asked out on date and was persistent about two weeks ago. We went out and had a lot of fun. We then continued talking and I asked if we'd go on another date, and he wanted to and was persistent again. We had our second date, where we just stayed in watched movies, cuddled and got pizza 3 days later. I slept over at his house and we did sleep together. We talked all day the day after but haven't talked much since, it has been a week. I texted him two days ago but we only talked briefly. We have a lot in common and are super attracted to eachother. I went back to school last week so were 2 hours away. so how can we keep things going? I really do like him and want to continue this. I want to see where things go. I am seeing him next weekend for my best friends (his sisters) friends birthday and were all going out. I want to talk to him before, should I? And I want to tell him I like hanging out with him, but I dont want to scare him off.

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  • Exactly what you said, just tell him that you really like him and that you'd like for things to continue.


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