I have a question about a girl I like because I'm starting to get really confused and hurt?

Okay so I like this girl and she likes me blah blah blah. So when have been hanging out a lot I sleep with her in her bed and hold her all night. I try making moves on her and she says that she has morals and all this stuff and I respect that she doesn't mind teasing me at all though. So I asked her to be my girlfriend and she is really sketchy she never gives me a straight answer and always avoids the subject. So this evening she says she was having a bad day and I ask why? And she said it's complicated but she is over dealing with stupidity. Does that sound like she has someone else? To me it kind of does and what should I do about this situation? Should I keep pursuing her or should I throw in the towel because of what she is doing?


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  • Well, I mean, it sounds to me the same way it sounds to you, but you shouldn't go assuming things :/
    I say before you make a decision, maybe you should figure out what actually happen and what she's talking about. Maybe committing to you also has to do with her morals? Who knows? If she does indeed have someone else, I think that counts as sort of cheating on you even if you're not in a full on relationship. Maybe just ask why she doesn't wanna be your girlfriend, but don't push her too hard or everything you've been through with her would be for nuthin.


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