Do you think this guy likes me at all?

Alright, so a while back I accidentally started messaging someone. We both thought we knew each other, but it turned out we didn't!
After continuing to text for a bit, he asked me out to coffee, and I prepared for just a typical guy...
He was very mature, even well dressed, and caught me off guard! I felt like I bombed the night, but he was very kind and played guitar to me and it was all very lovely.
He's very busy, but still texted me every so often and we met up for a second time about two months later. This time I was more prepared, and we had even more fun. He would poke fun at me and wink a bit, but I am so scared of rejection (as I misread things a lot, I guess) and just hugged him goodnight.
Just the other night he came over with friends and we had a great time, but I was very casual with him. He tweets about finding the right person, so I'm scared I haven't made a good impression or he might like someone else?
I have a hard time flirting, but could his kindness and interest in hanging out mean he likes me? Ahhhhhh!


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  • Well, definitely. If he's putting time and effort to make you smile and happy, then he has some kind of feelings for you. You just have to make it known to him that you want to indeed take the next step. He might not want to push you to doing sumthin you don't want to, so you have to let him know. Next time y'all say goodnight, just give him a kiss. Doesn't have to be on the lips, but give him a smooch on the cheek or sumthin - doesn't have to get all wild and crazy. haha.

    • I hope you're right. Thanks a ton! :)

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